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We have implemented an automatic basket discounting system at our Italux Online Shop.

Discounts are applied on a basket total or after meeting one of two requirements. Discounts do not add up!

Basket discounts:

•    From 600 PLN: 3%

•    From 1100:      4%

•    From 1600:      5%

•    From 2100:      6%

•    From 2600:      7%

•    From 3100:      8%

•    From 3600:      9%

•    From 4100:      10%

•    From 4600:      11%

•    From 5100:      12%

In addition there are special discounts:

•    Fixed discount for regular customers based on purchase history

•    Discount on single yet considerably big purchase order (nogatiated on an individual basis via email at sklep@sklep.italux.pl)

•    One-off discount on specific purchase order (a code that needs to be typed in while confirming the purchase order)

Should you forget to use a discount code, let us know via email and we will add it for you. If you have any doubts or queries, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or using the contact form available at our website.

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