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These products are second to none! If you value Italian craftsmanship and objects styled to look like as if they came from an earlier era, the Reccagni Angelo sconces are a must see. The products are characterized by rich decorations, executed with extreme precision, as well as toned colours. Glass and brass are their primary materials. This makes them emphasize the cosy character of the interior, and also introduce certain lightness to them.

Sconces for use with classic bulbs

The look of the products of the Italian company is perfectly matched by appearance of classic bulb. What forms an interesting aspect of the majority of lighting elements presented on this subpage is the pull-cord they're equipped with. If you do not remember this type of light turning on and off mechanism from your own home, it may be time to remember it. We are pleased to invite you to familiarize yourself with Reccagni Angelo products and select the perfect lamp for you!

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