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In this part of the Italux store, massive chandeliers are available, which look best when hung in a large and spacious hall. We also offer small hanging lamps, which are a great option when you are looking for a product intended for an apartment in an old townhouse. Due to the high ceilings in this type of premises, the lighting piece will look better than in a modern, low-rise apartment. Nobody will have the chance to hit their head against it.

Reccagni Angelo hanging lamps

Reccagni Angelo specializes in creating stylized products that resemble real works of art. The range devoted to appropriate interior lighting is just one of the product groups that this brand deals with. It is without doubt that the chandeliers of this brand, resembling candelabra or slightly flattened globes, are an eye-catcher. Browsing the category, you will also come across many other interesting projects that may soon form part of your home.