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When designing interiors for yourself or customers, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details. It would seem that not every purchase of lamps must be necessarily connected with a series of dilemmas and serious decisions. However, if you wish all the elements to match, there should be no randomness when selecting products. For example, when arranging a luxury apartment, you cannot afford cheap sconces or ceiling lamps. Artemide products look very prestigious at first glance and will be a much better choice.

Mirror ceiling lamps and sconces for hotels

At the Italux store you can buy products from just any price level, but the main determinant of our selection of goods is always the precise performance and impeccable durability. In the case of lighting elements presented in this subpage, it is worth emphasizing that they will be perfect for a luxury hotel or private apartment. It will be good to apply them, for example, in the bedroom or in a spacious hall, and these are, of course, only some of the options.

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