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Light source
Shade color / type
  • - 0 lm - 100 lm
  • - 101 lm - 2600 lm
  • - 2601 lm - 4000 lm
  • - 4001 lm i więcej
Color temperature

LED-panels  There are 3 products.

In every company, regardless of the industry, there should be ergonomic conditions, consistent with the principles of occupational health and safety. This will allow the employees to focus on their duties, but also to minimize the number of work-related accidents. Employees feel the right comfort at work, and their well-being translates into the company's results. In this context, ensuring good lighting forms one of the most important issues. LED panels that are designed for suspended ceilings also work well in office spaces. They do not take up a lot of space, and effectively illuminate the room.

Long warranty period for LED panels

Our online store offers a long period of warranty cover, further confirming the quality of our products. Individual lamp models differ, among others, in maximum power and colour temperature of the emitted light. This will allow you to design a concentration or rest-fostering mood (with the latter being great for canteen and recreational spaces).

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