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Showing 1 - 60 of 233 items
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Lamps are not only practical elements of interior design, illuminating the room in accordance with your personal vision and needs of the household. This assortment, together with eye-catching fittings, also enables the introduction of unique stylistic accents to the rooms. One of the more interesting solutions is flat ceiling lamps that match both low-ceiling interiors and spacious living rooms or halls. The multitude of available models means that they can easily be adapted to even the most original apartment and office spaces.

Minimalist and richly decorated ceiling lamps

The assortment available in the Italux online store offer is solidly made products in various forms. Our unusual lighting fittings include both retro-style glass shades as well as industrial and modern items. We provide a selection of products, including those in shades of gold, silver or bronze. We encourage you to browse our suggestions, many of which resemble real works of art.