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Shade color / type
  • - 0 lm - 100 lm
  • - 101 lm - 2600 lm
  • - 2601 lm - 4000 lm
  • - 4001 lm i więcej
Color temperature

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Showing 1 - 60 of 1094 items
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Good lighting serves not only practical purpose, but also constructs a certain mood, and is also indispensible as an eye-catching decoration. Hanging lamps brighten the entire room, constituting the main source of light therein. Depending on the colour temperature of the bulbs, you can achieve an indoor climate conducive to rest and regeneration, or on the contrary
- to focusing on work. The choice of lighting will also affect the attractiveness of the products presented in your store.

We offer a large selection of hanging lamps, among which there are models made of metal alloys, glass and plastic. We also offer a whole range of installation products for homes, apartments, but also for vast retail spaces. They can be equipped with classic bulbs or LEDs. We offer lighting in many different styles: industrial, retro, modern, classic and others.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer, which you can conveniently filter, tailoring it to your needs and expectations.