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Italux lighting manufacturer

Even the most unusual décor will lose its charm when the room is poorly lit. A crucial element of any interior is lighting, both natural and artificial. Visit the official Italux lighting shop where you will get inspired and find solutions that will help you make any interior complete. You can choose from thousands of products tailored to your needs, style you prefer, and purpose you want them to serve.

Italux offers a wide variety of lamps, including pendant lights, ceiling lights, sconces, desk lamps, floor lamps, and many more. In addition to traditional lighting, we offer products using built-in and replaceable LEDs. Now you can also buy LED Edison light bulbs.

You do not need typical residential lighting but rather something more specific or powerful? Do not worry! We also offer products with better operational parameters and increased efficiency. When you need lighting for commercial, public, office, and restaurant buildings, we may also design a lighting system for you so you can enjoy top-notch comprehensive solutions that ensure lighting comfort and bring out the best in your interior.

Italux is a company with over 25 years of experience in lighting. Products we decide to offer to our customers are of top quality and available at competitive prices. The fundamental step in our product selection procedure is quality control at the manufacture plant. We provide two-year warranty for products with standard light sources and five-year warranty for products using LEDs built in permanently.

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